I Heart Waffle You, Valentine!

Want something fun to do with your gkids this Valentine’s Day? How about Vold valentinealentine’s Day Waffles? If you aren’t able to be there for breakfast (it IS a school day) on the 14th, how about Valentine’s Waffles for Supper? Might give Mom and Dad a chance to have their own Valentine’s celebration!?

With all the sweets and chocolate around that day, I wanted to throw in a little healthy along with the mix of ooey gooey love!.

Making waffles with my Grandma Ruby and getting to drink “coffee” was a cherished Saturday morning event back in the day, so I thought Thursday Night Waffles might b20130204_202610_resizede a good substitute. And since it’s Valentine’s Day…why not Heart Shaped Waffles? And Cooper loves anything with Bacon in it…so maybe a little Baked Bacon. Olivia who is almost 10 going on 22 would like Kid Coffee, and to make it extra Valentiney…why not some bright red berry syrup that I call Razzleberry Syrup? Sounded like a plan.  So once again, it’s Cooking With Nana!

We started with Kid Coffee.  Don’t panic…it’s not real coffee!  But they like to pretend it’s coffee.  This coffee’s closest relative is a latte – kid style.  We heat up regular or almond milk and add flavors.  Brown sugar or maple syrup will turn it brown like real coffee.  Olivia likes chocolate almond milk and cinnamon in hers, but Cooper is a purist…Just honey for him.  But just like the adults you can fancy up your coffee with a little chocolate or caramel syrup, almond or vanilla extract,  Pick a flavor that the kids really like and serve it in a grown up mug.

Now for the heart-shaped strawberry waffles.  I particularly like real buttermilk waffles but sometimes buttermilk is hard to find.  For these fancy waffles, I am using strawberry yogurt.  Also, in this version, I’ve substituted 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup of white flour for the cup called for, and added wheat germ for a bit of crunch and extra B-Vitamins. This recipe doubles easily and waffles freeze well, so make a lot and freeze them for an anytime treat!   As a special treat, I put lollypop sticks in the batter while they were baking in the waffle iron.  Cooper with eat anything on a stick!  Another fun idea!  You could use any flavor yogurt and/or nuts if you like.   Here’s the full recipe.


I have a great heart-shaped waffle maker these days, but if you don’t you can still make heart-shaped waffles the old fashioned way my Grandma Ruby and I used to do it….with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Basically make your square waffles and then cut them into hearts with the cutter before serving….easy peasy.  If you are not a waffle lover, this idea works just as easily with your favorite pancakes.



Bacon is everyone’s favorite, but Cooper is the Bacon King.  However, to make it a bit more healthy…I use local bacon that has been minimally processed.  It’s not as salty and a bit more smokey.  Baking it also reduces the nitrates found in curing the meat. He doesn’t seem to mind, and it’s very easy to make bacon the safe way – in the oven. Oven at 400, bake for 12-17 minutes.  DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!



And last but not least why not top it all off with Razzleberry Syrup!  I make it the quick way by starting with All Fruit Black Cherry or Seedless Raspberry or Strawberry Preserves (no added preservatives and low in sugar) and add freshly stewed berries to the heated jelly.  You can use any kind of red jelly or jam for this and it’s not as sweet as regular syrup.  I also add fruit with a low seed count so I don’t have to strain it.  Great additions are strawberries, blue berries, and cherries.  To cut the sweetness, I also added a dribble of lemon juice.  Not too much or the syrup will not thicken.  If you are having waffles on a stick, pour some into a small dunking bowl and let them dip!



Olivia uses a serrated plastic picnic knife to slice the strawberries.  Kid friendly, and not sharp enough to cut little fingers.  I’ve ordered some fancier kid knives for us to use in the future, but these work really great.

Yummy!  These are some happy tummies.



Happy Valentine’s Day!


7 thoughts on “I Heart Waffle You, Valentine!

    1. cookingwnana Post author

      Thanks….you can do them with any waffle maker, just use popsickle sticks. Pour in a bit of batter, place the stick pointing
      outward, pour on a bit more batter and close the lid. Really fun with the kids!

  1. Ryan

    Thanks for your comment!
    These look awesome! It’s great that you’re getting your grandkids interested in cooking early on. I loved helping my grandma cook when I was little.


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