Monday, Bloody Monday

Ever had one of those days?  First, I woke up later than usual because I’d had a fairly sleepless night.  Something that happens to me more frequently now that I am getting older.  Lots of reasons, weakened bladder, too much on my mind, noisy crack-of-dawn neighbors, etc. 2-3 hours in the middle of the night of sleeplessness, then falling asleep again at 6:00?!  Don’t get me started.

What woke me was an 8:00 am call from my daugher who told me that our planned cooking session with the kids later today was off.   Cooper’s BB practice had been changed to Mondays – right in the middle of our usual cooking time.  Since my daughter and her family are quite busy most of the time, carving out a time to be with the gkids is very difficult.  She suggested Thursdays, which are OK, I can roll with that, but I have to move a bunch of things around, and it’s complicated.  Not ideal.  I tried to stay upbeat and flexible….very hard in my curmudgeony mood today.

Then, a call from the exray lab that my latest check-up  “films” got damaged by accident and could I please come in and have more done…no charge.  Ugh.  One more uncomfortable fasting day with poking 20130211_112600and prodding scheduled for next…yup…MONDAY. By this time, I was cussing Mondays.

Then there was lunch.  Started out to try to recreate a wonderful blood orange and beet salad I’d had recently.  I decided not to cook beets from scratch, since I was cooking for one, so I said OK to canned baby beets I planned to slice thin.


Really?  My kitchen looked like an episode of CSI.

OK, Plan B.  After cleanup on Aisle 1, still seeing red, I opted for some quick tomato bisque.  This is really easy, tasty, and generally warms my soul on rainy chilly days like today.  So. just open a can of whole plum tomatoes (I like San Marizano best) and improvise!   I softened some 20130211_10465520130211_104703onion in a bit of butter, poured in the can of tomatoes, and let it simmer until the tomatoes began to fall apart (feeling affinity here).  I mashed them up further with a fork and added some Spike seasoning.  Simmer, simmer, simmer…like my mood.  To add some creamy, I added a couple tablespoons of ricotta, but you could just as easily add yogurt, sour cream, mascarpone…or even whipping cream.  I ended up having it with green onion on top and buttered toast.


OK…that was better.  I was almost human.

Then I spotted it.  The reason I love being around my gkids.  The reason I don’t stay a grumpy curmudgeon.  It was magnetized to my fridge with a hand made cow magnet that Cooper colored and Olivia had covered with plastic and glued a magnet to.  She gave it to me last Grandparent’s Day, and it actually turned my day around.


I heart you too!


3 thoughts on “Monday, Bloody Monday

  1. M. Perfect Living

    haha. love the CSI picture. Funny, I made homemade tomato soup today almost the exact way you did and a few spoons of cream to mine. Glad you turned your day around. Good soup always helps. 🙂


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