Shamrock Spaghetti Salad and Leprechaun Swords!

While the kids were here last Thursday, they were discussing what they would wear that was “green” to school the next day in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  Olivia had it all planned out…her green hair accessories, her green T with the horses on it….Cooper said maybe he had a green shirt somewhere.  I really didn’t have the heart to tell them that we were actually of Scottish descent and should probably wear Orange…but I digress.


When I asked them why we celebrated St. Patty’s day…my smartmouth grandson said “because that’s when Leprechauns were  born!  You know, we had President’s Day, now it’s the Leprechauns’ turn!” I don’t know where he gets it!

leprechaun I am going to ignore the obvious joke about comparing Presidents to Leprechauns…but I thought he might be half right.

My much more savvy and fashion-conscious granddaughter, Olivia who is nearly 10 going on 25 said, “No, St. Patrick’s Day is when a priest named Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland”…My smart alec answer was “What kind of car do you suppose he was driving?”  The Leprechauns made me say it.

Without missing a beat, Cooper says…”probably an SUV…it’s bigger.”  Pa dump dum.  Bested by a 7 year old Leprechaun in disguise.

We talked about making “green” food and the kids remembered the St. Patrick’s Day green eggs and ham their Mom made them one year as an ode to Dr. Seuss…but green dyed food is just not that appealing to me.  So we decided to add a lot of green stuff to our noodle salad along with Cooper-the-chicken-man’s request for “chicken on a stick” as he calls it, otherwise known as Chicken Satay.  Satay is made of any cubed meat, not just chicken, and skewered kebab-fashion, then grilled and eaten with a peanut  sauce dip.  In keeping with the Irish theme, we called them Leprechaun Swords! Since I already had this planned, I had marinated the chicken breast strips in a mixture of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and honey overnight.  The kids then helped me skewer the strips onto the soaked wooden skewers.  I soak the skewers in water for at least an hour so that the wood doesn’t burn as I grill them.

I did not tell them that we were actually making Oriental Food…talk about confusing, so, like the Satay, the Szechuan Noodle Salad… turned into Shamrock Spaghetti Salad!  A nice invention.

Lots of chopping and nibbling raw veggies went on, and that is always a lot of fun.  While I cooked the spaghetti, the kids chopped the veggies.  We had a chance to talk about how many things (many many) we could eat raw, and how many things we needed to cook (like pasta).


The final touch was to add chopped cilantro and chopped mint to the salad…in a green bowl of course!

Next we made peanut sauce in the food processor.  The peanut sauce was serving two purposes.  We would use it for a Satay dip, and also as dressing on the salad!  Although the original recipe calls for a hotter version….I toned down the chilis to make it more kid friendly, and used natural organically grown peanut butter.

Cooper thinks anything made with Peanut Butter is good…and you don’t have to be a Leprechaun to enjoy this meal!


Sláinte Maithe!




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