Grandparents’ Day

40083_1552916748132_789470_nYesterday was Grandparent’s Day at my grandchildren’s school.  Every year, this private church school sets aside a special day to honor grandparents at their school.  If a child does not have a grandparent living close by, other family members are invited to participate with the kids, or barring that….there are lots of volunteer grandparents to call upon in their congregation.

Fortunately for me…I live close enough to the grandkids to participate in this every year!  I always look forward to this day.  Grandparents are treated to all kinds of special treats during the morning, and then school is dismissed early (11:30 AM) and teacher conferences with parents follow over the next day and a half.  For me…it means a whole day with my gkids!

Our morning started off in Cooper’s classroom where we saluted the flag, said a morning prayer (it’s a church school) and what followed was acting out certain bible verses.  What a hoot.  Cooper’s class acted out (very appropriately) the scene near Jesus’ tomb when several women came to collect his body for burial and found the stone rolled away.  The kids acting out the soldiers (with aluminum foil swords) who guarded the tomb, the women (with blankets over their heads)…and then the angels that appeared…well you can imagine.  Saying their bible verses in unison was very sweet, until they came to the part where the angels rolled away the stone.  The verse says “Suddenly…”  When this happened all the kids clapped their hands and fell to the floor!  (It’s what the tomb guards evidently did when they saw angels!)  Those angels were some scary dudes!


Much more entertainment followed.  I was invited to the big assembly in the middle of the morning to be serenaded by a remarkably good Middle School Band number, some HS singers, and the musical stylings of the 3rd Graders.  Fun!

After assembly, since I have two grankids in the same school, I visited Olivia’s 3rd Grade Classroom where we played math games and I was interviewed by my granddaughter for their story journals.  Some of the questions surprised me…like who my favorite friend was in Elementary school….what advice did I have to give her?  Good questions all, can’t wait to see the story she writes about me!

Olivias Interview

So after school let out, we opted for a special treat….lunch out!  No cooking!  So by unanimous consent…off to the local pancake house we went!  We were kinda lazy after chocolate chip pancakes, french toast, eggs and sausages!  Wow what a treat!

254423_2102191239651_7265277_nLater that day, I spent some time with Olivia at her horseback riding lessons.  Cooper likes to go watch too, but fire and brimstone wouldn’t get him on a horse.  He has more fun with the barn cats!

All in all, even without the cooking lesson, it was a very good day!





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