happy-birthday-nana-2011.jpgWelcome!    This is me and my gkids, Olivia and Cooper. My name is Sharon, but you can call me Nana.

First a disclaimer:  I am not your typical grandma (even though I kinda look like it).

I am still sort of a hippy with a smart alec attitude, definite political opinions (which I shall keep to myself) and a love of cooking, stories, and my two grandkids.  I heart them.

I am a semi-retired art teacher and still catch myself “teaching” whether you want to learn anything or not.  Just ask my gkids…or my daughter for that matter!  I try not to lecture, just share what I love and the stories that go with the recipes. I still live like a gypsy although I finally bought a house with an apple tree and a garden, converted the garage into an art studio, and expect to live here happily ever after.  I believe in the faeries that live in my garden under the apple tree, muses, and things that go bump in the night.  I am weird like that.

garden     daisies

After living and teaching in Italy for a year, and travel teaching around Europe, I finally moved up to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to family.  It’s not only a beautiful place to live, teach, paint and cuddle the gkids…it’s a great foodie place.  The emphasis on organic, local, sustainable foods is a bonus. Farmer’s markets, fresh caught fish and seafood, wild blackberries and huckleberries, and backyard gardens abound.  I try to take advantage of all that food and family loveliness.  I like to try to make food fun, tasty, simple, and  to look beautiful as well. (It’s the artist in me).

Mostly I am irreverent and always looking for ways to be more creative.  Teaching gkids to cook is a family tradition and, trust me…you have to get very creative when there are kids in the kitchen.  I am not a professional cook by any means, but between my own Grandma Ruby’s recipes, and what I’ve learned about food and cooking in my travels…I have a lot of experience.

Visit often for some good food fun, some funny stories, (the flops and the failures too) and a great way to pass it on.

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